Spawnable assault point

I have enough of flat onslaught maps, and i got an idea. Why not make all maps avilable for this kind of survival. There are npc spawn platforms but we don’t have an assault point on all maps. So i ask, could someone could make a spawnable version of assault point. I think it should be posible and easy, because there is a script that adds bulseye entity to player props.

Do you mean a script that would tell all npcs to wander towards a certain area on the map? Or an actual assault system?

There is an entity in hammer named npc_assaultpoint. It makes npcs to go to it, and i want it in entity tab in q menu.

If someone does do this then it would also be good to be able to spawn an npc_bullseye, so we can get them to literally attack very specific points.

If you are planning to use it on sp you can probabily use sv_cheats 1, ent_create npc_bullseye and then mess its vars with ent_fire, give it a try…