Spawned vehicles have no-collide and can't be driven

I made a script that make everyone that spawn, appears a vehicle in front of him. The problem is when you spawn the vehicle seems to have no collide for only that player and he can’t drive it, also if you suicide many times all of the vehicles spawned have the same problem, but if you reconnect to the server, you can touch and drive the cars you spawned before reconeccting but not the new ones.

It seems you did use vehicle:SetOwner( player ) on your vehicle, don’t do that.

Are you sure the vehiclescript exists? When you can walk through a car ( and sometimes they appear floating ); it’s the vehiclescript.

I missed that, sorry! I read it as the player can’t drive it and is nocollided.

Wow i didn’t know that was the problem. Thanks for the help, now when i spawn i can drive it now :smiley: