Spawning 100 Airdrops

Hey Rust players!
Here’s a video of me being a terrible admin.

The server is “Haskells Playground” if you want to join in on the fun :suicide:

I don’t see the server on the server list.

Mind posting the console command to join?

Thanks for the Music.For me from Germany,its not able to see.Thanks to the GEMA



100-300 packages. ^-^
Can be fun but it can ruin your interest of playing the game.

Just my opinion. :slight_smile:


How you no lag?

Jesus christ the music got me,everything got me,masterpiece

Invasion has begun!

I joined, and Haskell hosted The Hunger Games, it was really fun. You guys should check it out sometime. He doesn’t “abuse” the commands, but the way he does use the drops and everything is really fun.

I am glad that you did not shoot the naked man :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be doing this again very soon.