Spawning a car at a certain spot on the map?

So i’m trying to spawn an escalade on a certain part of the map. Here’s the code I have right now but it doesn’t spawn where I set it:

hook.Add( 'ShowSpare1', 'SpawnEscalade', function( ply )

		local ent = ents.Create( 'tdm_escalade' )
			ent:SetPos( Vector( 738.674255, -549.075317, -79.968750 ) )
	end )

TDM doesn’t use custom entities unless he recently changed… Scars do, but typically you spawn a prop_vehicle_jeep, set the vehicle, script, the model, etc…

Basics of spawning a vehicle:

Set the position and angle first, and don’t forget to activate as it can crash your server if you don’t for certain entities.

Oh boy. That’s a hassle. Do lonewolfies cars have custom entities?

Nope, not that I know of, although my game usually crashes with LW cars, not sure why. Haven’t tried them recently…

It isn’t much of a hassle, the cars come with the vehiclescript and a Lua file which sets everything up. You just need to write a script to interpret his format which isn’t too difficult.