Spawning a custom npc in GMod 9.

Hello everyone,

I searched for an answer but unfortunately I couldn’t find an answer. Today someone wanted to show me a model in GMod, so I put the files in the folders, but unfortunately it does not show up in the Q Menu, and the npc_create command does not work. Anyone have an idea on what is the problem? Thank you.

Also, I know that I should not post topics about GMod 9 since it is no longer supported, but I don’t want to buy GMod 10 since I’ll probably never use it and I’m pretty short on money right now.

Buy Gmod 10. That’s the only answer.

You didn’t read the last sentence, don’t you?

Your short on $10?

There is always pirating, but if you do, which i, nor anyone here recommends, don’t come back to us with problems from the pirate copy.
So we highly recommend you buy it.

And trust me, you will enjoy it.

Well I have 10 bucks, but it would take about 6 to 8 business days to get them on my Paypal Account. And I don’t want much trouble for something I will only use once or twice.

Oh, then just pirate it.
But pirating gmod has lots of issues.

So we don’t recommend it.

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But you really don’t have a real answer?

Well, basically the answer to all gmod 9 questions is get gmod 10.
I never played gmod 9, so i can’t help you specifically.

Im sorry.

Put the files in texture files in materials put the models in models and the LUA in lua.

That’s what I did, except there was no LUA folder.

put it in your addons folder

Nope doesn’t work. By the way, the name of the model is fonk. So when I previously mentioned I couldn’t spawn it using the npc_create function, I was typing in the console: npc_create npc_fonk

Was I doing it right?

Try just npc_create fonk


The only solutoin is to buy Gmod 10, sorry pal.
btw, what model is it?

Fix’d. GARRY won’t support GMod 9 anymore. He doesn’t seem to care if WE do though.

Also, he said the name of the model was fonk.