Spawning custom weapons on CS maps in a custom gamemode?

Hopefully my title explains what I want to do. I found out that the CS maps contain a script to spawn the weapons by default, however after googling found nothing (yet again). Can anyone explain to me how I can spawn my custom weapons using this script in my gamemode because I don’t know where to begin with this one. :pwn:

CS maps don’t have such script. The ones which come with CS:S.

Do you mean CS:S maps do? If that’s the case, that’s what I got. I assumed all CS maps did so didn’t specify.

Basically, you can put entities in a map via hammer and if they exist on your gmod server, they’ll automatically be picked up

So, for example, if I put weapon_deagle in the corner of my map, and in my addons folder or garrysmod/gamemodes/gamemodename/entities/weapons folder, I have something called weapon_deagle, you’ll see in-game

What I think you’re wanting to do, unless, I’ve misread your post is grab a swep pack and rename all the weapons to be css names, i.e weapon_deagle, weapon_scout, etc and then they’ll show up on the map

Won’t work because cs maps don’t have weapon spawns. Best option would just be having a table of vectors and angles and the weapon classname and spawning those in a for loop.

Hmmmm. I haven’t had any experience in hammer. I might try a different approach if it’s going to be hard.

Look at TTT’s Map Armer, it is basically what you want. You can modify it to fit your needs.

Ok will do thanks.