Spawning in a New Place when ever I Join the Game Again

Okay I looked around the forum and didn’t find anything like this. So I just bought a key and not sure if this is part of the game or not well when ever I play the game and exit and go back on I don’t spawn in the same place. Not sure if this how the game actually is or not just asking as I have to start all over every time if I exit.

Try going on the same server you normally do.

Ya of course I am but is there a way I should exit like press esc then close browser? This is irritating me now.

No,when it’s loading,don’t click or press anything.I have this problem too

do you by any chance log out when your bleeding?

I always make sure I am not in combat or bleeding.

Do you still have the same equipment and resources in your inventory?

Yep just spawn in a random place

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