Spawning Jobs with Armor

I am currently having trouble trying to add armor to a job, since I haven’t done it before I have no idea what to put. I was wondering if someone could give me the code and where to put it, here’s the coding for the job.

TEAM_MC2 = DarkRP.createJob(“Military Class II”, {
color = Color(255, 0, 0, 255),
model = {
description = [[This is a donator class you can only use this if you are a VIP or others.]],
weapons = {“m9k_m60”, “m9k_colt1911”, “arrest_stick”, “unarrest_stick”},
command = “mil2”,
max = 3,
salary = 75,
admin = 0,
vote = true,
hasLicense = true,
customCheck = function(ply) return CLIENT
or ply:IsUserGroup(“VIP”)
or ply:IsUserGroup(“VIP+”)
or ply:IsUserGroup(“donator_mod”)
or ply:IsUserGroup(“tmod_vip”)
or ply:IsUserGroup(“tmod_vip+”)
or ply:IsUserGroup(“Head-Admin”)
or ply:IsUserGroup(“admin_vip”)
or ply:IsSuperAdmin()

PlayerSpawn = function( _p ) _p:SetArmor( 100 ); end,

add that as a parameter

You should use a table for your usergroups; that’s really inefficient

Don’t know what you mean by Parameter.

member of the table.

Thank you so much for your help