Spawning lots of props programmatically at one time

I’ve been working on a “prop hunt designer” gamemode for me and my friends to use. The idea is we load a map in a sandbox-derived gamemode, place props how we want them, and then I have a slashcommand that writes the data

I also have a slashcommand that will erase all the props on the current map session, and then load them from that data so we could “pick up where we left off” in that sandbox-derived gamemode, but I’m running into a problem and getting this error:

ERROR! SendData reliable data too big (84936)
Increasing buffer size for snapshot payload.

I am assuming this is due to the fact there’s so much spawning happening at one time… And I do have a “save” going with 2500+ props on it atm. I had the server LUA print to console each time it spawns a prop to watch it happen, I do see some spawn activity but then the above error is printed… and then the server slows to a crawl and I eventually get disconnected and have to restart the srcds.

My question, is this… I realize I’m creating a LOT of work for the server to do at one time, and the error makes sense why it’s happening. I am looking into alternative ways to spawn it now though.
Is it truly due to how much is happening at one time? If so, could I create some kind of “processing delay” between each spawn command, e.g. a 200ms wait, to alleviate the server’s load?
Is there some other limitation going on? Any help would be extremely appreciated. I intend to eventually publish this as a supporting gamemode if I can get these things working.

My server specs:
Dell PowerEdge T320
Xeon E3-1260L v5 2.90 GHz, 64 GB ram, SSD storage
Hyper-V running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

What are you doing to write the entities/load them exactly?