Spawning Portals as Props?

Is there a way to spawn the Portals from Portal into Gmod as just regular props?

I mean they are just effects or props or whatever. so they should be accessible in GMOD via a spawnlist… right?

I know they won’t have any of the portalish effects of being able to walk through them. I would just like them spawnable.

Thanks in advance

-Saber~Cow Ink


No suggestions? really?

I figured people would have figured this out already and I just missed the update.

I’m pretty sure the portals are entities, not props. They are most likely composed of a 2D decal of a portal and a RenderTarget Screen, and a teleporter. I’m not quite sure about how they are made, but I know they aren’t spawnable. There’s a portal texture somewhere, although I’m not bothered enough to search my GCF for it.