Spawning problems

The game works fine, but whenever i play i find that my crossair is missing and that i cannot spawn anything from the duplicator or adv. duplicator unless i spawn it on top of another prop, which is very annoying. This also goes for spawning any wire stuff and anything else not located in the weapons, props, npcs, or entities tabs. Someone please help me! I don’t want to have to reinstall gmod, i have a shitload of addons.

Copy your addons and remove your gmod folder?

Wrong Section. Also, some mods are known to remove crosshairs, for no reason, so I use custom crosshair…its client side, and always sets your crosshair to whatever you want. Find it on

I had the same bug. Remove lua folder. That is the answer :hurr:

Well i tried all of that but it didn’t work, thank you for the advice anyways. It turned out to be some ghost snpc addon i had, 100 addons later. Oh and sorry if this is the wrong section.

Are you Benji?

No. Just saying. Wrong Section.