Spawning/Tables/Timers/Variables Help please!

Hello, i’m trying to get a randomizing every spawn system, get my Weapons spawn a bit randomly
from a M4A1 to Ak47 or something like that.
Also trying to make this rarer then the other.

local items = {}
items[1] = "item_p226"
items[2] = "item_m4a1"
items[3] = "item_ak47"
items[4] = "item_badges"

local item = ""
local rand = math.random(1,4)
	if items[1] then
		item = "item_p226"
		elseif items[2] then
		item = "item_m4a1"
		elseif items[3] then
		item = "item_ak47"
		elseif items[4] then
		item = "item_badges"

local Weaponspawn1 = ents.Create(item)
	Weaponspawn1:SetPos( Vector(-1716.065552, -11139.618164, -573.968750) )

which i was trying to make the rand will Randomly pick one of the tables for that spawn,
And i was wondering if i could do is like


local items = {}
items[1] = {Name="item_p226", Rare=10}

Which Name would be the Class it spawns, then Rare is 1 to Amount of rareness Chances to spawn.
Thanks, if you can help

Well… i think you could make it like:
maximum of rareness is 10, then you sort an number between 0 and 10, if the number of rareness is between 0 and the sorted number, it will select it(but if you thik well, it could sort more than one option)

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Yeah, i know this idea looks a little stupid, but its the only thing i can think of…

Probably shit method. I don’t know how to implement the rarity properly or how you want it implemented.

local items = {}
items[1] = {"item_p226", 10 }
items[2] = {"item_m4a1", 20 }
items[3] = {"item_ak47", 20 }
items[4] = {"item_badges", 10 }

function GenerateWeapon()
    local item = ""
    local rand = math.random(1,#items)
    item = items[rand][1]
    rand = math.random(1,100)
    if rand >= items[rand][2] then
        local Weaponspawn1 = ents.Create(item)
        Weaponspawn1:SetPos( Vector(-1716.065552, -11139.618164, -573.968750) )
        rand = nil
        item = nil

Yeah, after reading what i’ve wrote, i realized it was a really shitty method, sorry for wasting your time :stuck_out_tongue: