Spawning under map :(

ffs… this great

Same here, everyone on our server

yup, just tested with friends. I might invoice facepunch for time lost on my server. :smiley:

EDIT: Really, voting dumb. Notice big :smiley: at end of post. Take a chill pill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We are getting this on our server starting up…

[3/5/2015 10:30:11 PM] A script behaviour has a different serialization layout when loading. (Read 136 bytes but expected 176 bytes)
Did you #ifdef UNITY_EDITOR a section of your serialized properties in any of your scripts?

klondike is your server modded or vanilla ?

It’s modded.

EDIT : thankfully, using these mods I was able to get above ground and check out the map. It’s nice…

Shame no one else can.

We did a full wipe and now spawning is fixed.

However we cannot gather from trees or rocks…

I spawn above the map. Server seed 4054262405

Im constantly spawning above ground too, like 200-300ft in the air.

So now, i’ve gone from a game where I couldnt spawn in without having an “Invalid packet” error, to being unable to spawn in without falling to my death.

You really couldnt make this sh*t up.

This is an old bug I’ve posted about many times since January. It used to only happen on maps >6000, but it’s now affecting us on a 6000 size map.

Rebooting the server doesn’t fix it - it forces a wipe. This is on a vanilla server. Players spawn at 0, ~100, 0 (X, Y, Z) and no deployables can be placed (i.e. building parts, lanterns, …). These two issues always occur at the exact same time.

I have the map data saved if any devs want it to help them debug the issue. Drop me an email ( in case you want it and I miss a reply.

(Server was online for ~1 hour 58 mins with an average of 150 players at the time it happened)

so you’re saying its a map related bug ? only happens on certain map and not other maps ?


i have the same problem. after updating server and wipeing data. i spawn under the map.
there is now way out. With F1 and “kill” i hopped i get another spawnpoint, but all the time i spawn on the same place.

Our server is fresh installed with no mods Worldsize 8000

Please help

I PM’d Garry our map save this morning. Simply using the map size shows the respawn bug + building bug, so hopefully he can take a look and figure out the issue.

It seems to affect maps that are 6000 or greater in size - but not all (seed related?). We were using Size 6000 and Seed 986532736 both times it happened.

We lowered ours to 4000 and it’s been running fine since.

We lowered to 5000 in the end and it fixed it. Not ideal on a 150 slot server that gets full but at least it’s working now.

Ah just posted about this possibility on another thread.

Yeah i had this issue with players spawning in the center and under the map plus not being able to place any building blocks down.
someone posted about some kind of memory limit issue server side with large amounts of buildings in the game, especially big lag producing buildings which caused this to happen. I tested this out as i had a mod installed to increase resource gather rate so after i wiped as soon as a large amount of buildings popped up the same thing happened again.
Can’t see why this would be happening again though as the servers have just been wiped but maybe its related especially with all the additions been added.

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For me, ‘spawnPoint’ is always (at first spawn at least): (0, 500, 0)
seed: 1337 (server will set it to 1338 automatically)
worldsize: 2000

Edit: (SingletonComponent<SpawnHandler>.Instance == null) is false

Edit2: (SpawnHandler.GetSpawnPoint() == null).ToString() is true

Last time I saw something like this it had to do with home teleport settings.
For some reason everyone on our servers did the same thing. I do believe it was because of the seeds changing and it was remembering our exact location. Some were elevated and some submerged.
A complete wipe of all old files and saves were deleted and it remedied it but…pending on your server size and back up files…you may want to exhaust all avenues before doing so.

I don’t use anything to change the spawn position atm.

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GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(“spawnpoint”).Length is 0

Not spawn, TP Home settings , do you allow people to tag a location and name it home?