Spawning under the map, Props falling through the ground. Help?

My friend runs a server, and something has happened to the server, and now players spawn under the map, and any props that are spawned fall directly into the ground. We can’t figure out what is wrong, and would appreciate some help.

The server is running the following addons:
Simple Prop Protection
Advanced Duplicator
Weight Tool
Stacker Tool
Door Tool

What map?

Every map. Construct, Flatgrass, and some custom maps we tried.

We fixed the issue though. We replaced the base folder on the server with the one my friend had, and it fixed the problem.

I’ve seen this on my own server a few times, it’s a rare occurrence. Though when it does happen, a restart usually fixes it.

ha, same as 2stroke, you didn’t need to replace the base folder though…

Problem was, a restart didn’t work, it was different then the regular problem, where they would go into the ground and float there. And we were spawning WAY under the map, not just partially in the ground. Probs were literally being sucked downwards, and disappearing once they went through.

Oh well, the problem is fixed.

You know, the bug with props falling into the ground and float isn’t a “bug”. It’s a glitch, and it is easily made with just a soda can… It’s quite funny to do on nooby dark rp servers and watch the carnage.