Spawning with just a rock? What is your opinion of spawning with just a rock?

I personally hope they go back to the hatchet, medkit, and flare.

it rocks

Well i guess you mean Hatchet, don’t you? I find it kind of funny to spawn with just a rock :smiley: But maybe they are trying to get a bit too realistic there. I mean the hatchet wasn’t op or something like that, so they could have probably sticked to it. They just need to implement something like dismantling in order to get a “use” for your unused hatchets.

Yeah that would be cool, if you’ve killed a few people and you have a load of hatchets, you should be able to destroy the hatchet and get wood from it or something, so if you have any spare items you can exchange them for crafting items

or take a buncha hatches and make a surperior hatchet, or something. i think spawning with a rock you could throw would be great… but i’m bad like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Like it.

Seems right for a hard mode

I think you should spawn with nothing and your weapon would be your own wang. I mean, this is the apocalypse, right? Shit gets real.

I personally like the rock spawning more. I hated when naked people swarmed with hachets literally everywhere making it annoying as fuck.

But you like it when naked people swarm you with rocks?

Hatchets was unrealistic, you don’t just wind up in a post-apocalyptic scene with a hatchet. Soon, you will spawn with nothing, and find rocks on the ground or something. That’s when the game will be good.

Im reading the rust websites every day and im always up to date with what they are implementing and it was only yesterday we started with a rock.

Rocks deal like 11 damage to full kevlar. I barely even notice naked people hitting me.

i think you should be able to use your rock to craft a hatchet if u have like a blueprint for it. cuz if a bear comes at you and all uve got is a rock, ur dead.

-snip I’ll be back-

What about spawning with hands/fists??? anyone thought of that yet?

I would believe so…

The rocks are a huge pita to use.

What was wrong with the hatchets?

This game wasn’t meant to be easy for newcomers, it’s supposed to be hard. Spawning with a deadly weapon and a medkit was unrealistic and it caused people to spawnkill a lot more than they do now.

Holy fucking shit. Like you just read my mind.

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Question: How much damage does the rock do to a player?
and is there a way to craft the hatchet now?