Spawning with no weapons, default half life 2 statue playermodel, and unable to change playermodel. Help!

When I start up a Garry’s Mod server, i spawn with the condition specified in the thread title. This scares me. Why? Because this was happening a few days before i was forced to DELETE EVERYTHING GARRY’S MOD RELATED and re-install, losing tons of awesome addons that i was unable to find and re-install.

I don’t want to have to go through this again. Please, someone, help!

Download the addon “PAC3” and try using that to change your model and force weapons, also make sure you do this only on the default maps (as Spacebuild can take your weapons).

It’s been fixed! Apparently it was SilverIan’s NPC addons. I read the warnings, but nothing happened for a month of using the addons. It was only just two days ago it started happening.