Spawning Without Weapons

Every time I spawn (In single-player) I just spawn with my Phys Gun, my Camera Tool, and my Tool Gun. I never spawn with Half-life 2 weaponry. I have a mod that allows me to spawn the guns from the “Entities” menu, but I would prefer to spawn with them.

Please help.

I’m amazed that you don’t know this.

Alll you have to do is to look at the ground and then right-click and it should appear on the ground but only if it’s a SWEP.

im pretty sure you misunderstood him.
go into the spawn menu, then go to the uttilities tab near the tools tab.
find admin settings, and turn on spawn with weapons

You sir, DID misunderstand me. I want to SPAWN with these weapons. I CAN spawn these weapons but I find it annoying to do so.