Spawning wolves and bears

Don’t suppose there is anyway the wolves and bears stop spawning in my base? I’m about to leave a server because I keep having wolves spawn on top of my sleeping bags and it’s really pissing me off lol. I enjoy the game but if animals keep spawning on my bags then no use me playing lol. And don’t bother saying “build somewhere else”… Thanks all

Build a second story!

maybe you should build a foundation :smiley:

Yeah, just spawned in my base and a bear ran through the walls and killed me!

Thought they fixed that issue about a year ago…

I thought that was fixed back in legacy days?

Nevertheless, this should be fixed.

In the mean time, uhh, build in water? They can’t spawn there, right?

Thanks for your replies players, I had a second story but my base was between rocks so bears had access from all sides lol. Gave up on that base now since they kept spawning there.

I had a bear run through the wall in my base stone walls and foundation this week. I ran inside for protection when it was chasing me. I thought I was safe until it ran through and bit me. I had to run upstairs where it couldn’t hit me and kill it from there. So as far as bears clipping walls def not fixed.

Build somewhere else.