Spawning zombies (sort of) through hammer?

I’m trying to spawn zombies through hammer, basically I want to make an entity called “zombie_spawn”, and a zombie will spawn there once every round.

I don’t want to do it entirely through hammer, just an entity, the rest in the gamemode.

Is this possible?


I am not entirely sure how people usually go about gamemode->map interactions so I’m pretty useless on the part you’ll actually need help with, but I can recommend how to set up a zombie spawner for your map. Often the most used method is to place your zombies and then create a point_template that uses their entity name in one of the template fields. You can trigger the spawn with “forcespawn”. If you can have your gamemode execute a serverside engine command then you could always go for a good ol’ “ent_fire <yourentityname> forcespawn” output. I don’t know if the server requires cheats to be on for something serverside to execute an ent_fire.

I don’t see a problem, create your entity in your gamemode or wherever you want and then in your map create an entity with same name as your entity in GMod.

Why not just getpos at the place you want the zombie to spawn and then use the output for spawn coordinates so it can be handled entirely by the gamemode?

I agree, it’s silly to use Hammer for placing NPCs. Just add a function that handles zombie spawning; set a specific coordinate at a map for them to spawn within certain criteria, and you have a lot more control over the spawning than if you used a Hammer based entity spawner.

Plus, you’d be able to alter the spawning behavior based on something that happens ingame with some hacky Hammer work.