Is there a way i can spawn balloons to a certain area through a button there is a thing that i want to do really bad


Try the Balloon Deployer from Wiremod. That can make balloons when wired to a button, but they only come out the Deployer. Perhaps weld the Deployer to your contraption?

thanks for the advice ill try it out cuz all i wanted to do was make a hot air ballloon be button activated lol

I just downloaded wire mod and balloon deployer isnt in it can you give me the link to a wire mod with it in it

it is under the entity tab, not tools.

how do you change options on the entities cuz the force needs to be much higher it just wont lift a thing

go into the lua file and edit it

I know this is going to come up.
NotePad++. You can edit LUA files with this (Easily). It’s free, it’s fast & efficient.