Spawnlist Generator program

I hope you guys don’t mind that this is here because it’s not model. Reason why I saw this best place to post this is because spawnlists are very familiar for gmod modellers… aren’t they.

**Spawnlist Generator **is executable (.exe ) - program that generates spawnlist for your or any models, just by typing in path of the models folder they are located in
and inputing name of the category you want the models show in spawnmenu.

Folder can also be selected by clicking browse button (recommended).

It’s written by LaaZa(me) with AutoIt programming language.

please visit my website

note: The most up to date version can always downloaded from my website (I update it more often that the one uploaded to filefront…)

Download: NEW 1.0.2 OLD VER. 1.0.1 12/1/10

come on. please comment so it would help in future developement


VER. 1.0.2 20/1/10
add - Drag n Drop function on “Path” input
note: ONLY ON

VER. 1.0.1 12/1/10
fix - file saving now works correctly
add - automatic selection of steamapps folder on model folder opening now works even if program files folder is in different disc than C:\

VER. 1.0

Isn’t there a spawnlist generator in game?

no…**.**is there?

very useful! thank you :smiley:


but just self-made

and this looks good


is this for gmod10?

thank you. and yes it is for gmod 10.

Fuck yeah! This will come in handy for dumb people like myself.

if you dont know how to make spawnlist it doesn’t mean that you are dumb. but i think this will be useful also for people who can make spawnlists because if you have about 100 models to put in there that has a lot of job.

You can make spawnlists in-game with the function that Garry added. Ever right clicked a model in the prop browser?

yes but this is totally different. with this you can automatically generate spawnlist for your models.

also when i tried the function long time ago tho but still the model didnt stay there when i restarted gmod.

You should press disk icon after you completed your own spawnlist.

Anyway this is quite useful for people who are releasing their models with spawnlist without making them in-game.

Yeah, the gmod one does the exact same thing.

Some models are in a folder that contains many other models, which some of them, when loaded, crash the game. Thats the point to you guys who are saying “LUL THAR R SPARN LISTE JENIERATOR IN THAE GAEM!!111”.

Thanks heaps dude, will save me from manually doing it from now on <3

but can it save to any place wanted? ie. in to addons\myaddon\settings\spawnlist\ ?

This could be useful.

You can just move the file. It’s not that hard.

Damn, I guess someone read my mind before I could post my own request for an automated spawnlist generator.

I just used it to remake a bunch of spawnlists that I lost in after formatting my hard drive (Stupid me for not saving hours of work for tons of categories), but this program made it a lot easier, and I mean A LOT easier. All that you really need to do is specify a folder, and it’ll automatically compile a spawnlist for you; This is especially handy when you have a huge folder with a bunch of individual models inside.

Yes, Gmod has an in-game spawnlist creator, but if you’re adding new content to an already-very full Gmod, you don’t want to weed through the browse tab to search for the new stuff in a sea of content you already know you have. It’s easier and less of a hassle to do it out of Gmod, especially when you know the directories and names of the new content.

This program rocks.


Just found a bug, though.

After saving a generated spawnlist, the program will actually make 2 files: one empty file with the Spawnlist’s name, and the spawnlist itself with the name “1.txt”. Dunno how that happened, but it could cause some problems if people don’t catch it, and accidentally override their own spawnlists.

Great work.
I hate having to root through those gcf’s for hours. Only to find you stuffed something up. This will prove invaluable.
Can you load and modify existing spawnlists with this?

whoops, just downloaded… why is there 2 “spawnlist generator” files one saying spavnlist and the other spawnlist with the readme and executable in them?

yeah, but isn’t this better anyway then?


thanks for the feedback i got to check out the bug


oh right sorry my mistake gonna fix that in next update -> soon

UPDATE: NEW version 1.0.1 fixes all this ^

thankyou so much for this! :slight_smile: