Spawnlist isn't co-operating.

Hello. The spawnlist I’ve been working on is not working for the life of me. I’ve looked at topics all across the internet (even basically every topic on spawnlists in facepunch), fixed anything that appeared as a problem according to the trusted sources I have found, even started over a few times, thinking that I might not make the same mistake twice. I was wrong. I’ll put the spawnlist in here (excluding directories for privacy reasons) and I’ll try to give you as much info on it as possible. I just want to know how to solve this!

Filename: DanTech.txt
Directory: garrysmod/addons/DanTech/settings/spawnlist/

“version” “1”
“name” “DanTech”
“1” { “model” “models/dan/dan.mdl” }
“2” { “model” “models/dan/dan.mdl” }
“3” { “model” “models/dan/dan.mdl” }
“4” { “model” “models/dan/dan.mdl” }
“5” { “model” “models/dan/dan.mdl” }
“6” { “model” “models/dan/dan.mdl” }



All help is appreciated

now do like this:
copy from another working spawnlist
studie it
possibly copy it
and edit it

thats what i do for a spawn list… even tho i never make custom models (pm me to help me get started or give me a link to where i can get help)
but i do it for info.txt for addons and such