spawnlist/ pack install problems

ok i recently downloaded

FakeFactory Models1.7 +1.7.1 Patch.rar

installed the fake factory ones to addons

and the nude zoey ones to garrysmod directory

the nude zoey is there in the browse list, BUT the spawn list has no pic (just grey box) and it spawns as a shadow. My regular zoey spawns as a shadow with the green circle on it

fakefactory isnt there at all. somone walk me through or somthing?? itd help alot

Did the Fake Factory add-on have a file called “info.txt” in it’s folder? If not, just put it in the GMOD folder. Also, if you’re getting severe shadow errors, your graphics card might be obsolete to the max.

no info.txt . thats weird cause i was using the same ragdoll other day so thhat cant be the problem.

also i did put them in gmod folder and they started working but about 4 of the ragdolls are black/purple checkered

If you didn’t want an add-on to malfunction, do not delete info.txt. You probably did and that’s why it wasn’t working.

there wasnt a info.text to beging with though

Make one then, then it should work ^^