Spawnmenu and Context menu lag -- could this be the cause?

sui_scoreboard seems to be causing Garry’s Mod to freeze temporarily when opening a menu (Q, C…). Any server that uses sui_scoreboard has this problem. Remember though that the scoreboard is just a module for ULX. ULX on it’s own does not cause any issues for me.

This started happening after the update that Valve published on June 27th. I’m positive that the problem is sui_scoreboard since all issues disappear when you remove the addon from your server. If you’re a server owner please test this yourself by removing the scoreboard from your addons.

Hope this helps!

I haven’t got this addon (or even ULX) and I still experience slowdowns whenever I open the spawn menu, etc.

Showing icons for entities and weapons also seems to take slower than normal.

Hmm…it stopped when I removed the addon from my server and rejoined. This is weird :expressionless:

EDIT: Do you mean you don’t have this addon client side? sui_scoreboard is a server addon so regardless of whether you have it or not, you get the effects of it when joining a server that has it. Then again it might just be VGUI…

I don’t have this said add-on yet I still see the lag. The only addons I have are mainly models and tools like the bodygroup changer and no collide world. Sandbox is the only game mode that I play on.

Damn :confused: