Spawnmenu Feature

Alright, I’ve got a nice SENT pack ready to release, but some of the items have more features about them and things you should know when using them that you might not get intuitively. I want a quick way to show a user a significant amount of information about a SENT from the ENTITIES tab in the spawnmenu.

I have noticed that in the WEAPONS tab, when you right click on something, instead of giving it to you it spawns it in give-on-contact form with the weapon’s worldmodel on the ground on front of you. This seems to indicate to me that you can tell the spawnmenu to do something special when a person RIGHTclicks on something as opposed to leftclicking.

I’d like it to be like this: you can leftclick on the sent’s pic to spawn it (like you can right now), and you can rightclick to bring up a simple derma panel with info on it (or spawn a mini instruction manual sent or something).

I’m not asking anyone to do or make anything for me, I just need someone to tell me if this is possible and/or how to do it. Oh, and it has to be placeable in an addon. No editing of gmod itself. Ideas?

Currently, I have only a brief description of the item in the description (the little tan box when you hover over the spawnicon), and even now some of the descriptions are unacceptably lengthy and have huge boxes :confused: