Spawnmenu (Q Menu) Flashing Bug

So today I just started getting this strange bug:

The is running from a clean install of Garry’s Mod with no addons. I should also say it also causes the camera to haywire and spin around, like when I was looking at the vending machine and it just shoots off into the sky and spins

PC Specs:

I have no idea what on earth is causing this, and i’ve been trying to fix it all morning :hairpull:

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I tried switched to windowed mode and it’s fine, this only seems to happen in Fullscreen

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Well I found out what the problem was.

My keyboard has a button to Increese and Decreese the reponse time. I must have pressed it accidently. This has now been fixed.

Looks to me a lot like your Q key is being pressed and depressed rapidly. Does this happen with other keys? Like holding C or TAB? Does this happen in other games? Like scoreboard in TF2 or something? ( Assuming the same settings are used that make this bug appear in GMod )