spawnmenu? re some help

o hello their face punch ied like to introduce my self and stuff so with that aside sorry for the lack of fireworks :stuck_out_tongue: ill get down to when i really need

ok a few days ago i said that’s it and i decided to finally get rid of ubuntu and then i had some “help” and i got windows 7 32 bit i use to have vista its just kuz i partitioned it wrong and yeah so any way as you can see from here

i need the left side to be opposite like it needs to have more width and the left spawn list shorter

and before you say any thing i have tryed to reinstall, really i think i just need to go in one of the lua files but i can tell its not going to be that ez

Raise your resolution.


can’t i need it to be that res or fps go down the toilet

derp :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this really need a poll?

no,i thought it would be nice tho