Spazterpiece Theatre - Methods to Madness

I haven’t posted a comic on Facepunch in ages, so I hope you all remember me.

On today’s episode, we teach a certain little boy a valuable lesson about random humor! Plus, there’s a special song that accompanies the comic halfway through, produced/written/sung by Spaztique himself! Don’t play the song until Spaz tells you during today’s episode!

Click here for the song!

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Production Notes:
-This is my first time tying music to a comic, just to see if it would work for my super secret special comic, which is going to break new ground if it does.
-While the frame-by-frame images were overcompressed on purpose, due to personal file-size constraints (I try to limit my images to 350k so they don’t wreak havoc on older PCs) and the fact de_tides is so colorful, there may be some compression artifacts during the pages themselves. Tell me if they’re too much if they are.
-Some of the non-music-video portion was done in Gmod 9 while the other part of non-music-video portion was done in Gmod 10. You may notice a few lighting differences between certain frames; most obviously during the CWHL homage when the Combine Advisor creeps up behind Eli.
-I made the whole “Methods to madness” song in nearly an hour, including writing, performing, and singing. The second chorus, my favorite part of the song, was done in one take.
-I am not making fun of Mr. Chips. I’m only paying a tribute to his style, much like I did in the Gmod Experience comics.

I love the idea of adding music to your comic. Nice job with the posing as well.

Music to comics don’t appeal to me but the comic without the music is good enough.

He made the music to GO with the comic.

Without it, I don’t think it would’ve had the same effect.

Personally, I enjoyed it greatly. It’s refreshing.

Did you ever create that swingy song?
If so, may we hear it?

Oh well, fuck that. It’s at the top of his post.

error. Non suppoerted media type :frowning:

There’s a link right before the comic. It’s in mp3 format, so it should be compatible with nearly all systems.

I see.

Haha still got it Spaz :smiley: (Where’d you get that band set?)

It’s from the DJ Stuff model pack. I’m not sure if it’s still around anymore. The footpedal for the drum and the drumsticks were photoshopped in. The mic stand, keyboard stand, and drum stands are all ropes.

This stuff is the good stuff, you get the stuffing stuff right?

Nice job. The music makes it much better. It’s a nice change of pace from most of the comics around here.

I liked the comic and the music, very different from most comics, now I hope it doesn’t become an overused fad

otherwise good work

I loved this, I love how you integrated music with it but I also hope we don’t start seeing every comic using this. Also is there a place we can download the song for listening to it when we want to?

I loved the Henry Beauchamp spazterpiece, but the song on this one isn’t working anymore. Is there a new link?

You revived a good and kinda old comic. Congrats.

I remember reading this on PHW before. Great song and comic.

I know I revived it. It was after seeing Henry Beauchamp once again in the popular threads, I wanted to see if he made any other comics.

Lol, that song is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:
Really nice bump there, the comic kinda deserved to be bumped I guess.