Spazterpiece Theatre: The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp

All I can say at this point without giving anything away is that this is an adaptation.

Note: For full effect, read this with the lights off, preferably in total silence.

Production Notes:
-I’ve been reading a lot of Creepypastas lately (short stories usually written by Anonymous), and one that’s been receiving a lot of praise was The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp, which has even been adapted into a text adventure game!
-The elevator was made in gm_construct, since I had no elevator maps. Other changes to the story were only made because I had a limited number of maps to work with.
-Although this isn’t my first attempt at horror (my first attempt was with the original Loveless City, my first narrative series from the gmod 7 days), this is my first attempt at horror without it being mixed into another genre. In other words, this is my first straight 100% horror (whereas LC was barely 10% horror). Tell me if you shat bricks or not.
-Special thanks to norrec181 for test-reading and upping the “FFFFFFUUUUUU” factor.

Nice comic man! The bones look better when they are a bit bloody don’t they?
Great comic, great atmosphere, excellent adaptation of the story.
Way to go! Oh, and thanks for the thanks… :wink:
Oh, and you all should take a good long look at the last frame…

Very good made,can you say me the name of the last map?Is awesome the dead body,big dead body…

Now that’s really interesting.

Keep on working.

Map is dm_forgotten_sanctuary with a lot of editing to make it creepier.


It’s awesome, but odd.

Holy fuck. I was reading Creepy-Pastas on that site, and scared the living fuck out of me.


It blinked, the last panel, it blinks! Scared the shit out of me.

I don’t really get it, nor do I find it very scary, but I have to admit I was a little creeped out in the end.

Great posing for a cool creepypasta.

Also, is there a place where I can find an archive of all your old stuff that went down with PHW?

All of the PHW stuff has been recently backed up at, including all of the archived comics AND a fully functional forum.

As much as I’d like to do this one, it’d be hard to pull off its effectiveness in Gmod.

This on the other hand would be easier, and far more creepier (especially the final frame).

Of course the creativity fairy should choose to kiss you of her own volition, lucky bastard.

Joking aside, it definately was an intriguing adaptation you made there. While I didn’t expel any sort of substance from my body, brick-shaped or not, it did have a mysterious and creepy atmosphere, especially after he got off the elevator and viewed the portrait.

As usual, you’re editing is top notch. You did a good job at setting up the atmosphere through the changing scenes. The style really helped to bring out a range of emotions. Overall, a nicely made and stylish comic.

Good job and keep up the good work.

I loved it. There arent enough comics like this. Im growing sick and tired of comedys

That’s pretty scary and weird. “The true image of Jesus” “Henri’s face” his biography and the last picture, made me close my eyes for 10 minutes. I just got scared, damn Spaz. That’s was freaky! and I want The Gmod Experiencie 3 Episode 3 !!!

Ah, the SCP wiki. Awesome site, I’ve written a few of the SCPs myself. Great comic, by the way. Not scary for me, but I’ve never found the story to be scary.

The only creepypastas I ever read was the Holders Series, but both follow the same rules. Great job!


Excellent work

fuck that creeped me out

Very well made!

Very nice.
Only issue I have with it is the size.