Spazzing/Twitching Gun Animations?

This only happens on multiplayer, not singleplayer, and only with the default HL2 weapons:

Notice how the gun spazzes the crap out when I shoot, and even holding it still it still twitches a bit. I’ve looked through my addons and have NO idea what is causing this. In fact, even my own srcds server has it! And yes I know I am playing a HL2RP gamemode but it also happens on my sandbox server. Help?

Bump. Very odd.

What is that Addon when you are switching weapons? It seems you have a whole bunch of addons glitching everything

You mean the weapon switch GUI? Cause that comes with nut script

That’s Nutscript. Like I said though, it applies to ALL multiplayer servers, but not singleplayer.

When did this start happening

Have you tried unsubscribing from all of your addons and testing?

It’s a glitch in the loading process of the animation. It is loading incorrectly and I’m assuming that it happens even when you restart Gmod so if you delete the VPK files and try to verify the game cache, it will redownload them. I’m guessing in the process of using addons, it changed a few values from weapon recoil, or like in this case the gun animation itself.

Didn’t work. Deleted the VPKs for GMod and verified, nothing.

Try deleting models folder.

Does this only happen to default weapons? NOT SWEPs? I am pretty sure that’s caused by NutScript with all that viewmodel position and angle changes.

No, it’s not. If you actually read my post, I said it only happens on multiplayer and ALL gamemodes and servers, NOT just Nutscript. I had it happen on my vanilla Sandbox server.

You did not answer my question.

OK guys I ALMOST fixed it. I removed a TON of files from my materials folder and models folder (a lot of them saying things like ar1,ar3,smg2,smg3 etc.) and now they all seem to be default, except the AR2 is freaking INVISIBLE and when I have it out, THIS get spammed in the console:

Error Vertex File for 'weapons/v_IRifle.mdl' checksum -1332869727 should be -1375496330


EDIT: SUPER BREAKTRHOUGH! While the weapon is NOT glitching out, nothing is in the console. However, the error above appears right the few frames it glitches out every 3-4 seconds. !!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN? !!!

Remove your models/weapons/ and download/models/weapons/ folders.
Or any files named **v_IRifle **in those folders.

I did, there is none left.

Bump, 3rd page. :frowning: Still happening!

I removed EVERY. SINGLE. ADDON. That I ever had, unsubbed, disabled, deleted the GMAs etc. Went on multiple vanilla sandbox servers.

Still happening.

What it looks like is when shooting, it uses the HL2 viewmodels. When standing still or in the middle of reloading, it swaps between the GMod hand animations, and the old HL2 ones. ANY USE FOR THIS INFO???


Ugh, just gonna reinstall…