Spazzy slider

While I was playing Garry’s Mod I was trying to use the slider tool. After unfreezing the object which would slide, it immediately spazzed out causing a huge physics explosion. I tried doing this again several times and sometimes it works and other times it glitches. What would cause it and what can I do to fix it?

Slider tool does that. No way to do anything about it.

Use the Weight Tool and increase the weight of the object being slider’d

I tried increasing the weight and it didn’t work. I also tried using multiple sliders on the one object and that didn’t work. I’m out of ideas. I think jmazouri is right.

Is there no progress on this at all? I can’t seem to make an engine without having sliders spaz

Try right clicking on the first prop, then the slider is perpendicular. See if it still spazzes out. Or try different model. Like PHX, and default ones