Spears. We need them.

We need spears as a melee weapon.

Can carve yourself from wood and add a variety of attachments:

  1. Fire hardened
  2. Various spearpoints (e.g. stone, metal)
  3. Wrap leather for reduced reset/recoil

Et cetera, et cetera.

Rust Remover

Rust Remover – A non-detectable set of customizable hacks for the game Rust! (If you have any concerns about detectability check the VAC and CheatPunch section near the bottom.)

Example Images:

Video Presentation:

-ESP ( Wall hacks )
This is done in several ways, you can have a red circle marking all people in your render distance or your can set a distance yourself. The second option is having the players be outlined in a white box in your render distance. And finally you can have the player’s names to be above their head in your render distance. This also works for crates which can be enabled in the menu.

  • Night Vision
    Tired of the pitch black? Lighten up! With this amazing night vision you will able to see everything in the dead of night. Just press Control + N. Note: The sky will be slightly distorted because your video settings are being adjusted.

  • Game Time Clock
    For those who are bad at gauging time, a 24 hour dial clock was added. There will be a digital in game clock located at the lower right of your screen that can be enabled. The clock will tell you what time it is in the game.

  • Cross-hair
    Choose from over 22 different cross hairs, there is one for everyone. If there isn’t one you love then email us a picture and we will add it to the next update given we like it.

  • Aim Bot
    Set a pixel radius around the middle of your screen that will lock on to a player once they enter. The radius is adjustable to size and pull strength. You choose whether to lock on the player’s body or head. The reason why you would want it on body and not the head is because the shotguns are not precise.

  • NoClip
    Be able to fly through the world through player built walls, mountains, and the ground. You can also grab air drops before they even touch the ground.

  • God Mode
    Be able to disable all damage. After enabling godmode you will take no damage from the environment, players, or hunger/thirst. However, you can still type the suicide command in console if you wish.

  • Speed Adjustment
    Be able to adjust the speed your character walks and runs at. This will also work with noclipping speed.

  • VAC and CheatPunch Detection Checker
    Afraid of getting banned? Don’t be, there is no internal injection to the client so there is nothing VAC can capture. As an extra precaution we added a checker that verifies on startup that your current version hasn’t been detected yet. This checker is real-time and checks every time you launch Rust. Recently CheatPunch has been added to the anti-hack systems of Rust. Luckily our software is already capable of bypassing this. If our software is ever detectable the software will automatically disable itself before you join a server. This prevents you from being banned regardless if it is detectable or not. If our software does become detectable (which it never has) we will update it within a day.

  • Simple and Stylish Menu
    All the settings are changed through your menu that is accessed by pressing F1 to go into your inventory in game then by pressing control + B.

  • Updated Often
    You get updates for as long as we support this project ( a long time ) . Your client will notify you in time of an update and you will receive an email.

Change logs

  • Modern warfare cross hair added ( request rugak4 )
  • Added outline option for ESP
  • Clock ( request Th31ast0ne )
  • Made menu a little less junky looking
  • Added all the cross hairs in black to options
  • Added modifiable Speed hack speed ( request nickybono )
    To do
  • Make colors of compass and clock customizable
  • Make the clock look better
  • Add names and distance to esp player boxes
  • Make esp detect guns that players are holding
  • Minimap
  • In-game map *working on this one next
    If you have any questions feel free to email us at rustremoversoftware@gmail.com


Removing quote.

I like the spear idea. 2 thumbs up

Throwing spear also can be an idea, isn’t it?

Great idea

Any kind of realistic self made weapons are welcome, also a boomerang with a small chance to hit yourself

Now I have to think of the feral kid in mad max 2.
Sharpened boomerang and a glove made from leather and metal fragments to catch it.

Yes, we need this.

I’d do a number with this weapon.

Spears would actually be cool, nice idea. I personally like melee weapons more then Firearms. Would be cool if the game would be more medieval. That u can craft nice armor and weapons instead of guns.

I don’t particularly mind the guns, they’re fine, but there should be some sort of way you have to work your way up to them from basic primitive weaponry and armor, not just be able to instantly make a revolver or pipe shotgun even. We need more low tier items, doing this would increase gameplay time, and add more content to the game, which everyone wants.


Should prolly clear his quote…

I love the thought of spears!

I think it would be cool to be able to randomly combine certain items (combos would have to be discovered) - i.e. knife + wood (stick) + tape/rope = spear.

This reminds me of Dead Rising, which would in the end probably be a great feature.

Another idea is a spear with attachments like a rope for example, you 1) throw it, and then 2) pull it either A) pulling all out all their intestines almost killing them or B) bringing them close to you. (Not from Mortal Combat) Another attachment could be a hook causing 100% chance of bleeding and the spear would be stuck in them (Causing the bleeding). The list could go on and on.

Spear should be dual use, left click to stab and right click to throw!

Add a metal tip for more damage

It would be awesome if we could be able to light our arrows in the camp fire!

And also an “Atlatl” can be used to throw a spear. It’s a primitive tool and easy to built. But effective enough…