What if you could craft a spear that took up 1 inventory slot but was an instant kill for bears and other wildlife. I think it’s a nice between for bows and guns, and would make the game a little more “survival” oriented :slight_smile:

I think spears would be good, melee weapon with the option to throw and retrieve it.

Not sure about it insta-killing bears though.

Iam thinking it’ll too op if 1 shot kill… ppl running around Zig zagging around a Kevlar guy then just kill him… I’ve seen it with pickaxe… I’ve even done it to ppl

What did you not understand in “bears and other wildlife” ?

Also the spear is already on the list if I’m not mistaken. Needs confirmation, don’t remember where I’ve read that.

I checked Trello didn’t see anything about that specfically

Maybe read carefully next time bud, I didn’t say no to spear I said no to instant kill… If it instant kills a bear it will surely Instant kill human because bear has 4x more health

You still don’t get it.
OP’s talking about target-specific damage. Meaning the spear would do different base damage based on what’s hit by it.


  • 400 base damage on bear
  • 20 base damage on player

Frao has it :slight_smile:

I Love This.

no this is just a dumb way to insta kill a creature not meant to be insta killed. It should take as many hits with the spear as it does the bow… if you have problems killing a bear now with a bow and arrow then learn to aim don’t expect a silver spoon to be shoved at you every time you can’t do something in game… Also All weapons should just have base damage that translates evenly to all… I like the spear idea HATE the need to have it do so much damage

Not sure why you’re redirecting your aggressiveness towards me even though I never stated my opinion on OP’s idea. All I did was merely clarifying his post for maziar1990. Now if you want my opinion on this, I agree as well with the fact that we don’t need the ability to one-shot animals yet as they are all way more than easy enough to kill as they are.

I just think crafting wise it would be nice to have that option, because you can save your arrows for long range kills but as you’re running away you could try and turn/throw to kill the bear. Like I said only 1 Spear per Stack in your inventory.