Spec Ops and Sniper ragdolls/Models

I’m looking for some good looking Spec ops and sniper ragdolls (obviously).
For the Spec Ops,if possible, I would like 4-6 different people, each with helmet, with hat, and with face mask. I would also like multiple skins for them, wood camo, snow camo, and desert camo.
Desert camo:
Woodland camo: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2b/US_Marines_Talisman_Saber_07.jpg
Snow camo:
http://tietokannat.mil.fi/koski08/static_images/91.jpg (Minus the black spots, add a hood and mouth cover)
On the helmet of 1 or 2 of the ragdolls i would like them to look like this:
For the sniper, I would like 2 different players. A sniper and a spotter. Like the Spec Ops team i would like them to have multiple layouts and skins each.Desert camo, woodland camo, snow/winter camo, and a ghillie suit.
Desert camo should have a hat put on and sunglasses:
Woodland camo with the same kind of hat as above:
Winter camo should have a white ski mask and hood on:
(A mix of these)
(the pic on the right) http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/kotaku/2009/09/CD64764_SNOW.jpg
Ghillie suit:http://adv3rsary.com/data/design/Misc/Call%20of%20Duty%204%20Sniper.png
The models needed:
Spotter scope:
Helmet of Spec ops:
and finally combat knife:
If possible i would like them to be finger and face poseable.