Spec Ops: The Line ported stuff by znalecc



Over 300 props from the game.

Lots of these models have either bodygroups or skingroups or bones that can be manipulated with the advanced bone tool, so you might want to check them for these unless you want to miss some extra content.

This is also the latest version of the pack. One that hasn’t been tested by anyone else but me. That means there can be some problems with the pack. Missing textures, weird scales and such.
If you run into any of these, just leave a message here or send me a private message. It’d be really helpful if you told me what the model’s name is, so I can focus on it.

The weapons pack includes the following firearms:

Well, that’s about it…

And here is this pack itself:


Bonus weapons pack:


Awesome as always. Keep up the good work.


Cool stuff. Nice job.

Thank you so much man, these will be very useful.

Holly damn yes, this will be useful…

Just took a look through it. Lots of useful stuff. Noticed a few missing textures, though:

-floodlight has no textures
-hangingcorpseextraskins is missing his extra skins
-skymenuplane is missing the second texture.

That’s it, though, a real solid stack o’stuff otherwise.

Totally grabbing this stuff.

That sand looks amazing, exactly what I’ve been looking for. Wonderful port.


I remember joking about someone porting the sand last year, I never thought it would actually happen.

Awesome pack, it was really fun testing this stuff.

Great release!

Awesome!, bytheway have you found this model in the files yet?:


No problem, was just wondering anyway :downs:


Downloaded it, but won’t have a chance to check until later.

The fix’s working.

Fuck yeah!