Special Air Service (SAS) from Global Offensive

I remember seeing the release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive Ragdolls for Garrysmod back on Garrysmod.org

Anyways, i don’t think he ever finished releasing them or wanted to.
So if anyone can get me the SAS for Garrysmod that would be cool.

Aw…no bump? I guess we’re letting this one die out.

It’s only been a day dude, just be patient. Wait for at least a week before bumping your thread. People around here are usually busy with other things, so you’ll need to be patient.

Ah, i apologize. I’ll come back and see.

I did those three packs of models from CS:GO
the reason I hadn’t done SAS guys is that they had gasmask on their faces and I wanted to transplant BMS Heads on them. I couldn’t come up with any idea with it.

Bodygroup the gasmask?

And maybe you could add custom helmets for those, SAS models looks weird without helmets imo.

I don’t understand why they always wear masks lol.

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In my personal opinion, i think BMS Heads would kinda be un-needed. Gasmaks are fine and make them look like bad asses. :>

good work guy

they always wear masks because the single most iconic (and most public) appearence of the SAS was during the Iranian Embassy Seige, which painted the public picture of these daunting special forces soldiers in full black uniforms wearing the distinctive S-10

and thus even though they started giving them these blue uniforms for whatever reasons, the gasmask look remains