Special areas , in which have something valuable

I would like to see in rust are areas in which have valuable loot, but are heavily guarded/ swarmed by certain creatures that are coming to rust. For example, there could be a sort of outpost or rock formation area that are swarmed with man eating chickens, in which the case is that they are the problem. Seeing a naked newbs corpse that is being eaten by the ferocious chickens, from his attempt to try get the valuable loot. When trying to attempt to go through the area to find the loot, you treat the dead body as a distraction to sneak through undetected by the chickens, until you’ve finally reached the loot you needed (It contained a piece of chicken for example). When attempting to get outta there, you notice the dead body is left to the bone, and the chickens are no where to be seen. Finally throughout the path you find the entrance where you came from, hurrying, you eventually stumble upon the chickens that are now chasing you. You die, because I can’t think of a better ending :P. Fin. Anyway that’s how I picture what different environments to what different areas could be, with something that could attract the players like loot.
What do you think?

I wouldn’t like to see that.

What kind of valuable loot would chickens be guarding? Golden eggs?

Man eating chickens? No…Just no…replace them with bandit NPCs or something…

Can’t wait to see the man eating chickens they are indeed adding for sure.


Man eating chickens?? Why YES! Do that.

Just imagine the hoards of chickens coming after you…the imagine it in your nightmares. D:

im sick of bandit npc suggestions we’ve got enough. and that an example!