Special force guy kills some bastards.


Yes, this is green screenshot, becouse I make it in modern warfare style.
Yes, there is no blood and smoke.
Very quick edit.

Hi, rossmum. Yes, I agree with you, and no, don’t be a complete ass to the OP.

Sorry, what is rossmum and OP?

Rossmum is a guy who is about to tell you how generic your pose is. OP is original post/er


It’s very strangely green.

Thanks for the explanation.

at least the angle is somewhat interesting and there’s no offscreen involvement or random dust, get rid of the colour overlay though and work on making the posing less rigid. congrats, your picture is more interesting than tlsdsjgnfshiojewsiorjnumbers’, even if it’s less technically accomplished.

Thank you for C&C

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