Special forces rescuing a hostage from an abandoned warehouse.

I was working on big scene build and gmod crashed so I raged, I didn’t want to remake it so I made this.
C&C please.
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The blood sucks, and the posing in… strange.

Radioactive glowing blood.

I kinda like the flash tho

Everything is great but the blood, it’s a wee bright.

Back is too straight, try to bend next time.

The posing is really stiff, the muzzleflash is really weird, the blood is really bright, the smoke is really bright and the smoke is really opaque.

Yeah. Really.

What models are these?

Crysis Marines.

opforce models, 450 hexed weapons pack, crysis marines and hl2 props.

You shouldn’t have mentioned the Half-Life 2 props because now I realise how weirdly random they are.

gotta agree with chesty…

How is the dog still asleep?

Yes… it’s uh…“sleeping”…


The dog has bullet wound if you look closer you will see it.


Do you guys like my new avatar?

But chesty doesn’t need to know that! :ssh:

They were pretty dumb to shoot it considering neither of them are using silenced weapons.

Yes sir understood! :patriot:


Do you guys like my avatar?