Special Forces saving POW's from the camp (Fuck you blacklight)

First time i actually edited my picture


MW2 represent, fuck you blacklight


Oh god what the fuck happened, hold on


oh there we go, works now

Bad angle, the blood is way too bright…an insult to the use of the models to be honest. Both MW2 and CoD.


ahahaha where do i even begin

lose the black bars; lose the noise

blood needs depth and shine. best bet to do that is to apply some dodging to the corners. if you are going to do blood, use bright red and then add a dab of very dark red/black in the middle and smudge it around to smear it in before molding the blood to how you want it to look

picture is also way too wide angle. you need to bunch the action closer together. too many gaps of emptiness. the left hand side can probably be removed and the guys in the background need to be more over to the left so the action can be seen anyway

the entire composition could be better. the camera’s way too high

that noise, though. seriously. that just broke this picture entirely. noise is used to fill really plain areas, such as static colors in an otherwise highly detailed image. that doesn’t mean you slap noise on the entire picture as a whole, and especially not that much of it

yeah i like to laugh at peoples attempts to edit for the first time too :downs:


there, i put the original

so why did you remove the edit again

seriously, that’s just something dumb on your part

i give you honest, friendly criticism and instead of taking a hint on how to improve you just remove the edited picture all together

i’m trying to help you. don’t be a dick.

Yeaah. I remember this vaguely but didn’t you adamantly mentioned that you had experience in editing images a while ago in some other thread?

no it was probably when he got ddok to edit his pictures which was probably the biggest mistake of his life

don’t be a dick? youre always a dick when you give criticism with your picture C&C or text C&C, i’m not experienced at photoshop, and if i remove the grain and the blackbars, nothing left except the black eye and the cut on the head, and the layers werent there, so i would have to re-edit the cut even when i made the blood dark red like in reality

This guy is a dick??

He actually offers you tips on how to better yourself in editing images. Sure his ego goes over the top most of the time, but I never knew the offering of advice would be a dick move.

then post the edited one and get more c&c from everyone else. christ. grow up, little baby. that’s what criticism is about.

besides, i was hardly mean to you. you’re lucky i’m mr nice guy tonight because i could have torn you a new asshole but it’s obvious you’re an incompitent editor so i’m not going to waste my time telling you you’re worthless and instead tell you how to improve

if you can’t take what I say to heart then you’re clearly not going to get anywhere here

seriously. how do you think you are going to improve if you remove your edited picture after someone criticizes it? what’s wrong with you?

no you see, hes a dick to everyone whenever he gives c&c, hes only nice when he isnt, i dont mind the c&c but you dont have to be a dick about it, like saying hahaha where do i even beging or “hurp i’m freaky thing blah blah” just get to the point instead of these side comments


i’m a little baby, and youre gonna tear me a new asshole with your c&c, lolok go ahead

it’s the insults that put the criticism in to your head, idiot

if i was mr nice guy all of the time you would never improve because you would just go around thinking “oh it’s a hobby and mr nice guy 69105 is going to give me some positive feedback and i’ll never improve my editing skills that could potentially be useful in the real world one day” well guess what sergeyev you are WRONG

you might not see it because of your blatant ignorance but i am a godsend here to save your fucking life. put your edited back up and stop being a baby.

if you can’t handle what i say then how are you going to handle what anyone else has to say


oh right it doesn’t matter – they can’t say anything because you got rid of your edit because of mr meanie 69105 giving you some feedback that you’re too childish to accept

The part that’s not bolded. That’s advice for you.

you should be thankful i gave you feedback at all. i’m sure some people wish i’d give them feedback. i’m like a paid commentator.

why should i be thankful for your c&c, i have the rest of the forum to listen to, i don’t mind your c&c that’s all i’m trying to point out, i just want it straight to the point not these side comments you add or that anyone else adds

my advice to you is to stop being an idiot and actually IMPROVE

how are you going to improve if i’m nice and say “it’s good (which is a lie. it sucks, but i’m nice and am not going to word it that way. i still have to put emphasis on how bad it is so how do i do that? oh, of course! make a joke about it)” and then you grin and thank me for my kind advice that you never listen to?

fuck you. i’m doing it MY way, which is to be mean and to tell you you’re a moron. why? because my methods work. you think “oh, 69105 is a troll/asshole” but you’re just too blind to see i know how the human psychology works. i’m like a drill instructor. i drill it in your head that noise sucks and that you should never use noise. or black bars. i am mean about it because i know you’ll take it to heart so i won’t have an angry post telling you that you used noise again and make you look like an idiot.

i’m not going to argue with you because i find it pathetic enough you’re trying to cover up your tracks of shoddy editing but that’s a given for a first timer. nobody else can give you advice now because you’re too afraid of leaving the edited picture up. the whole purpose of posting pictures here is to get feedback. you can’t get feedback when you don’t post the picture now can you no you can’t

i’m gonna go to bed, i’m tired, i’m grumpy and if i don’t go to sleep now, theres gonna be a fight between us

no you don’t because you removed the edited picture entirely

sooner or later


that’s because the edit sucks, and the original looks better


not all pictures need editing like photoshop and gimp


i just tried for once and it didn’t come out how i wanted it to and i just can’t bother tonight