Special Forces soldier cuts down an escaping dictator

Epic Chase-like/Hunted music:


Notes (again):

  • The pose work took all of about five minutes, and the editing took forever

  • I realize the smoke from the ejection port is excessive. This was to cover up a mistake.

  • Once you read this, you can’t unread it, so read with caution: the huge puff of smoke from the rifle ejection port is, in fact, to cover up the fact that I completely forgot to put a spent shell ingame. Instead, I GIMP’d in a crude little rectangle of a brassy color and put smoke around it to cover up the horrendous shell design.

  • Extensive external color work was implemented.

  • The blood is supposed to be slightly more in the field of realistic rather than super action movie gore. It’s supposed to be a thin spurt.

  • I used some film grain. Still working on perfecting that.

  • Don’t ask why a MARSOC operator is gunning down a foreign dictator, let alone the fact that he’s doing it very calmly and not using the aimpoint on his weapon.

  • I picked GMan because he could, at that distance, be any distinguished figure with a briefcase (his face isn’t showing in the picture).

C&C is welcome.

The posing look all right to me.

He’s not really cutting him down. Nice, but the noise is distracting.

Zoom in with the camera a bit more on gman & take a couple of steps back with the camera. That way gman and the dude with the rifle will both be fixated in the picture & your picture won’t contain that much of empty space/ walls/ floor/ceiling

I suppose some of the wall to the left was unnecessary, but the wide open area was to show distance on purpose. If I zoomed in anymore, it would look even more like Gman and less like an anonymous guy with black hair in a suit.

I would have shot him in the head.

lmao he looks like mr burns

I’d say that’s a good shot for a guy not even using the weapon sights.

Hmm, not bad but when I saw ‘cut down’ I thought it’d be ‘Sonny-er’

I like it, but would a Special Forces soldier really kill a dictator?

…No choice? Too dangerous? Other unforseen factor?

I’m pretty sure if they were Spec Ops they’d have some sort of perimeter around the building and therefore no need to gun this guy down. Then again, maybe he has a bomb in his suitcase or something.

The noise is fine, but the Marine probably needs some subtle stuff - looks too stiff/isn’t firing correctly (in my opinion).

Gee, Gman!

That’s an awful good shot for a hip-shot. It might look better if you had posed the special forces dude aiming down the sights; that would add to the believability. The picture seems quite empty, so you might want to add some props or even use a different angle.

Maybe he has a halo and the special forces guy is a jealous TF2 player.

Or it’s what you said.

I think it’s the perspective/how little of him is showing. His normal whole stance is actually normal, except maybe the way he’s firing his rifle. Your opinion is appreciated, though.

The angle was, in my opinion at least, necessary for this sort of shot (the hallway he’s running down mysteriously has a window and no door down there!). He isn’t actually firing from his hip, though; some soldiers don’t use their sights if they need to shoot quickly. He also has twenty-nine other reasons to continue shooting that way nestled snugly in that magazine. Noted, however. Last but not least, the props I considered. I have two excuses: I forgot and I couldn’t think of any decent ones that would readily fit there. Maybe I’m just lazy, though. The picture was supposed to show the distance between the two and I thought clutter would distract a little too much.

You need some more practicing.


but post your practice pics so we can give you some critisism

We all need practice. It makes you perfect…then again, nobody is perfect, so why practice?

I don’t want to clog up this thread with more pictures, though. The focus is on the pose up there.

He meant post your practice edits in new threads.

Ah, I see.

Edit: Evil post count.