Special Futuristic Armed Guys [S-FAG] arresting an African-American male.


  • The original is pretty much the same, just without the smoke.


hahaha, S-FAG


Those dinky little handcuffs wouldn’t keep anyone bound.

Dude, they’re not for the hands, if you know what I mean.

“Not this shit again” is written all over his face.

Would have been awesome with different color corrections.
Still good :slight_smile:

Oh yeah…I knew I forgot something.

somone have a link for those soldier models?

All ya’lls racist!

this made me fucking laugh so hard

hes black

dafuq’s wrong with the dude’s legs?

What models are those soldiers? I see them everywhere yet I never have found them. They look Mass Effect or maybe Halo:Reach

and yet they still use glock.

His expression is priceless though.

Blacklight: Tango Down

Great game that got huge flak because Dickstructoid didn’t get VIP++ treatment at a press viewing. From there it bandwagon’d out of control as people grasped for straws to call the game “Crappy” with.

But we all love the character models, eh!

well to be honest it was pretty awful, visuals aside

Retribution is much better tho

He’s a midget.:rolleyes: