Special Infected VTF's

I want to make a few skins for people in my Steam group, but GCFScapce doesn’t work for me, so I can’t access the VTF’s. So I was wondering if someone could upload the VTF’s somewhere but IN THE FILE DIRECTORIES (e.i. Materials, Models, Maps. Stuff like that). Pretty much, I just want it like most reskins. But… Not reskins… Please do this. PLEASE. Thanks.

Also, I know this isn’t really requesting a skin, but it’s so I can MAKE skins (and I’ll release them here, too).

Yeah, fucking VALVe broke them with some new addon system.

So, you’re saying Valve broke all the VTF’s when they added the addon system? Ok, so then why don’t I see pink and black squares everywhere?

I know someone has the VTF’s and if they can just upload them somewhere, I’d be happy. I tried using the ones on Garrysmod.org, but they didn’t work. I just really need some VTF’s so I can make these skins!

No, I mean they broke the .pak file.
I can’t open it anymore.


Fuck, nevermind. They just moved it to another location.

So does that mean you can post the VTF’s somewhere? :smiley:

Please do.

Why can’t you do it?

Are you using a new version of GCFScape?

Um, no versions of GCFScape works for me. I tried, but it would crash on startup. I WOULD do it if it worked. So please, if you can do, will you please?

Come on, can someone please just post these? I really need them. Soon, too. I just want to make the skins. And all I really NEED is the Hunter VTF, because that’s the most important skin I need to do. Just please, AT LEAST get me the hunter.

You can’t just download them from www.garrysmod.org?


Because I tried reskinning those, they don’t work in L4D.

Yes they do, your are just doing it wrong.
Did you just edit the skins and throw them in the materials folder?

Did I say I did that, asshole? No. I’ve reskinned things before. And at the time, people were NICE (hard for you, huh?) and would give me the VTF’s no questions asked. I think I’ll just go get help from them, since everyone on Facepunch can NEVER help anyone.

Steam/steamapps/common/left 4 dead/left4dead/materials/models/player (I think)/hunter/hunter.vtf

Thanks, I only KNEW THAT. Jeez, people need to read.