Special Letters are displayed as a question mark

When I draw an Text with DrawSimpleTextOutlined on a entity, then every special letter gets displayed as a Question Mark.
How do I fix this?

That font doesn’t contain that char


Trebuchet16, Trebuchet24, Custom Fonts and everything else doesnt work too.

This is the line which causes the error.

draw.SimpleTextOutlined("?", “Arial”, -15, -98, Color(222, 209, 139, 200), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, TEXT_ALIGN_LEFT, 0, Color(25, 25, 25, 255))

Do you mean…That line shows a “?”, maybe…It’s because that’s a “?”

Every single special letter gets displayed as a question mark, not only the “?”.

Make sure you save as UTF-8 (without BOM)

Its already setted to UTF-8 without BOM


Where have you defined “Arial” as a font?

surface.CreateFont(“Arial”, {
font = “Arial”,
size = 40,
weight = 600,
blursize = 0,
scanlines = 0,
antialias = true,
in the entity

What character are you trying to display in particular?

I tried it with all special characters.
ü, ä, ö, ? etc.
but I want ß and ö displayed.