Special Nuke Request :)

Hello, fellow G-Modders, I am working an a neat video, my idea is to make a structure of props, weld it in place (maybe adv-duplicate it) and blow it up with a nuke, while recording. Then, I put the footage in my editing program (Adobe After Effects) and reverse the time --> It looks like the props are coming to place and creating the structure. Ive already tried this effect with Thrusters, but its just not the same.
The blinding light and the smoke. I cant see the props, so my record is worth nothing.
Can someone code the .lua of the nuclear detonation pack so that the smoke and light dont spawn? I had a look at it myself, but I know about .lua coding as much as a fish knows about bikes.
If anyone can do that for me, Ill repay him in any way (human boundries and non-cash)(maybe a cool signature, or something video-related :)).
When you are done, E-mail me the link:

Much appreciated, cheers!


<Edit> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbKGsduegOg Here is the effect with the thrusters, they spell “RoDji”

That’s pretty cool! The way the props form together…How did you do that?

It’s played in reverse, like he said.

Yes, I think its cool too, but do any of you understand Lua? Because It would be really cool to have an entire city made of PHX’s props and blow it up, then reverse-play it :slight_smile:
Also, thanks for the positive posts, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Anybody? If someone can do it, please post! If you know anyone that can code this for me, please, PM me his username, I really need a nukeless nuke…

Hold on…

Im holding, but its been almost 24 hours… Im losing hope :frowning:


Weld with force on and >1 , unfreeze and use a nuke with several lines that makes the effect deleted


  1. Weld each and every piece of contraption with Force limit on
  2. Unfreeze whole contraption
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!

[editline]Even more edited:[/editline]
You know there is a button that lets you edit posts

I swear, I do not understand what that means… :confused: Its been 2 days, is it really hard to delete something from the .lua…? QQ

I want the props to fly away…
I already tried that effect with thrusters…
Link is in the first doobely doo.

Find the nuke script.
Search for ‘effect’
When it comes up to some code defining which effect to spawn, just comment the line that says ‘spawneffect’ and be happy.

I swear, I dont understand what you are saying…
Cant someone just make it? Is it THAT hard???
Btw, I looked for effect and I didnt find it.
Ctrl+F --> effect --> enter


I managed to get rid of the smoke and everything, except the glow.
How do I remove the glow…?

I fucking give up. Its been almost 4 days, and nobody can re-write an easy script? Other threads get answered after 1-3 hours, mine stays like this forever. “Ill do it for you” Blah blah. I PM-ed a LOT of people and nobody seems to give a shit. Hah, go fuck yourselves, Im leaving :X

link broken lol

You are so stupid, I cant even begin to think :X
Didnt you notice, at the adress bar that there was a little that was wrecking the link? Or are you THAT stupid? Hah, what can I expect from an average kid… Humanity has gotten way to ignorant for my taste nowadays. For the record, I read some lua tutorials and I made my nuke with no effects. All it took was to delete 9 lines. You guys couldnt do it for 5 days XD

This has already been created my friend.


I already made my own :X

Chill dude. Some of us are busy…

Seriously Hinook, you need anger management :slight_smile: