Special physics prop door

I have always had this idea on my mind but have never really figured out how to pull it off, maybe someone has the answer.

My sister was watching the movie Monsters Inc. and I thought it was cool how the doors in the movie worked.
The idea that in any orientation they can be opened and you fall out of the door on the other side. (Like the portals made my the portal gun).

How could one recreate a door like that?

The best I could thing I came up with was an absolute FAIL. I made a physbox door frame, parented a door to the frame. Then I made a filler func_monitor for the door frame so you would see what should be inside the door not just through it.

The problems I ran into were getting the camera on the other end to make the screen look correct and believable. Also the door kept trying to push the door jam upwards when the door was laying on the ground.

The next part of the puzzle I never even started on was how to make a “socket” for the door to lock into to “activate” the door. That one is probably easy but with work getting busy I kinda gave up on it.

You could probably do it in Portal by using custom portal textures to make it appear square, then make a model or brush doorframe around that.

So you mean rather than using a camera and screen, just fill the door in with a portal texture that make a portal to connect to rooms?

Someone tried to do it in this thread: Secret Door Challenge

He did this: [hd]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-ww_MjkX3U[/hd]

And I recreated it by rotating the room entirely instead of teleporting the player as he did… The biggest drawback is really unrealistic lighting.

Hopefully Portal 2 will support moving portals jizz

Hey that was me. :v:

What I did was I made a camera in front of the stature, parented to a rotating button so that when I pressed it, it would start the rotate.

Then it would teleport you to another room.

I mostly get how to make it work, I just cant make it look real. the screen and the camera never line up line they should. so it ends up looking like a TV smashed into a door frame.