Special Q Menu (Only with some selected props etc)

Hi lads,
I am preparing a Server, and I will add a lot of custom props. Well, the Problem is, I will also “remove” a lot of props, it’ll be a Roleplay Server, meaning, you can spawn props, but only few selected ones.
Well, I want it to be a bit more scripted, but for that I may hire someone. Is it possible though to remove all props and only add some in? I am hosting it on a dedicated Server, if you have to Know that.
It should also include weapons and entities and such.

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Should I probably just take the basewars Q Menu, If I’m able to find it?

Read this.

This is the client side file for Unobtrusive Prop Protection which is used in Cityscript and SeriousRP as their integrated prop-protection mechanism.

The function you are looking for is on line 277. This gets called when the spawn menu is building the tiles to display. For each tile it creates (for display), you get to make a decision whether to display it not.

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