Special request for mac magic mouse

I was thinking on how much magic mouse could be usefull on gmod, like his special scrolling, we could use it for so many things.
What i would like to have is like, a lua script(serverside), that let me bind the scroll movements to do something i want, like move my player(awesome), or something like that.

More detailed ideas:
(scroll up,down,left and right = go foward, backward, turn left, turn right)
(scroll to the side with 2 fingers = change weapons)
I’m foward to any ideas thaty ou guys have, lets make something special for mac =D

It would just require a binary module.

Although you suggestions are stupid, moving the player with moving your finger? That would require you to move forward, lift your hand and put it back and move it back again etc etc. Touchpads aren’t for gaming, you would just use your wasd or arrow keys.

About the scrolling, how about you just enable the normal scoll option (You know, to scroll pages) and then try that gesture? Wonderous! it actually changes weapons.

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i see that thinkin isnt your advantage as well as being kind.

you woudlnt need to lift your hand since the magicmouse touch is as sensible as the iphones touchscreen,
and you could use the bind for many other things, if you enable the normal scrolling you will experience a uncorfortable and unwanted change of weapons all game long, because the magic mouse detects even the lowest movimentation of your finger and understand it as a scrolling command, thats why i want to change the scrolling bind, you should first have a mac and then know more about magic mouse before saying things about it :smiley:

He rated himself. Nuff’ said.

I have a mac and a magicmouse. Also putting magic or iWhatever infront of something doesn’t make it epic or super sensitive.

Go complain with steve if you think the mouse is too sensitive.

Yes I rate my self, because I can, but thats not what we are talking about. The way you just complain about things, make it look like you've never had any magic mouse, or better, you don't know anything about the things you use, in addition steve is great, a genius, and I spent months studying mac computers, iphones, ipads, etc. Im not complaining anyway about the magic mouse sensitiveness, on the contrary, I’m praising it’s potential, and giving the chance to lua coders to use that potential, Im giving them a chance to do the same that the steam software developers did, they didn't just say "its impossible to do this, it’s too hard, that ridiculous", no, they just tried until they finally did it.
I’m not looking for someone that doesn’t now anything at all about macs, someone that will just call that ridiculous, I’m looking for real coders, real ppl that want to help, because that kind of ppl is who make things go forward.
Maybe someone that just have a great idea thats too hard for you to do just makes you mad, or maybe you are just wanting to humiliate yourself, I don't know, but anyway, If you dont like the idea, just get over this post, this post aint a “fight” or faming post, stop complaining, you’ll be ignored .
PS: Steve Job is “my hero”