Special words son't works

Hello all !
I have a little problems, the é ù % £ $ and other is “?”

Any solution ?

Thanks !

Does not work in what``??

In garry’s mod
For exemple I types 100% in the game show 100?

Anyone ?

No one can help you when we don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
Stop using Google translate.

I think he means that when he types “é, ù, %, £, $ and ?” it won’t appear in the chat.
Like he tries to type 100% and only 100 appears.

That’s it the community of FacePunch? Thank you for your answer, you could say " I don’t understood your problem "

I think he talk about the chat, when he types “é”,“ù”,"%",“£” and “$” it’s appear like

BTW : I have never seen this problem before :confused: