Speciel Silk Icons for Donaters and Admins

World it be possible to make: Speciel Silk Icons for Donaters and Admins?

When you type in ooc like: (OOC) Bla360 (Heart icon): Hey guys!
Admin answer (OOC) Alex! (Shield Icon): Hey mate! How are you?

And its for darkrp :wink:

I’d like this too!

You would have to create a custom chatbox.

Yeah im asking for help if anyone could make it :b. I will really appricate it

Use cider.

Dude, i don’t use cider. If i could i did. But im only co-owner of my mates server.
So No i wont use cider

Can anyone please tell me how to do.

It’s not a easy job to make a custom chatbox, I don’t think you should count on someone doing it for you without getting paid.

kk :b

And where is the Silk icons? I can’t see there in that chatbox anywhere (That was what he asked for…)? Also aChat would be a better choice if you just want a custom chatbox